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Chapter 9 Study Guide


An American Vendetta

The Great Healing-Reconciliation after the Civil War RQ

Andrew Johnson Unreconstructed

An Earlier Attempt

Reconstruction RQ

Tyranny and Posse Comitatus RQ

Tall in the Saddle  RQ

Law Enforcement in the Old West RQ

Low Noon

River of Iron  RQ

Building America’s Railroad

Where the 7th Fell

I Will Fight No More Forever

Ultimate Welfare State-The American Indian  RQ

Browning-One Man’s Impact RQ

The Devil’s Rope

The Great Bone War

Mr. Watson, Come Here

The Man Who Lit Up The World  RQ

A Penchant for Provocation


9-1 1865-1869 Political History

9-2 1865-1869 Innovative History

9-3 1865-1869 Cultural History

9-4 1870-1879 Political History

9-5 1870-1879 Innovative History

9-6 1870-1879 Cultural History