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Chapter 6 Study Guide


Mr. Madison’s War RQ

Uncovering America’s Other Civil War

Fighting Wasps of 1812

Patriotic Fire RQ

The Star Spangled Banner  

The Hartford Convention RQ

Godly Mountain Man

Who Was Kit Carson

Fur Frenzy RQ

Wedding of the Waters RQ

A Lesson In Limited Government  RQ

A Tradition of Arms RQ

The Hard Truth About Hard Money  RQ

Blade Runner

Remembering the Alamo RQ


Trail of Tears

At Home With McGuffey

John Randolph’s Journey on Slavery


6-1 1810-1819 Political History

6-2 1810-1819 Innovative History

6-3 1810-1819 Cultural History

6-4 1820-1829 Political History

6-5 1820-1829 Innovative History

6-6 1820-1829 Cultural History

6-7 1830-1839 Political History

6-8 1830-1839 Innovative History

6-9 1830-1839 Cultural History