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Chapter 5 Study Guide


America’s Inflation and Hyperinflation RQ

America’s First Secession

Be Not Affraid of Greatness RQ

Father of Our Constitution RQ

Sherman’s Great Compromise RQ

Our Constitutional Anchor RQ

A Republic, If You Can Keep It RQ

Scholar, Soldier, and Statesman RQ

Founding Father

The Father of His Country RQ

The Officer and the Office RQ

The Machine That Spawned “King Cotton” RQ

Heroes in Tandem

President Washington on Entangling Alliances

Building the Whitehouse

The Big Easy, The Big Prize  RQ

Transcontinental Trek  RQ

The First Mountain Man

A Missed Shot At Treason RQ

Aaron Burr’s Conspiracy


5-1 1785-1789 Political History

5-2 1785-1789 Innovative History

5-3 1785-1789 Cultural History

5-4 1790-1799 Political History

5-5 1790-1799 Innovative History

5-6 1790-1799 Cultural History

5-7 1800-1809 Political History

5-8 1800-1809 Innovative History

5-9 1800-1809 Cultural History