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War for Independence
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Chapter 4 Study Guide

Map 4-1 War for Independence

Map 4-1 Answer Sheet

Map 4-1 Instructions


Give Me Liberty…

Liberty’s Bully Pulpit

Liberty’s Son of Thunder RQ

Citizen Soldiers: The Militia

Hero on Horseback RQ

Rebel With a Cause

The Shot Still Echoes RQ

Remembering Bunker Hill RQ

Glorious Triumph RQ

Their Sacred Honor RQ

We Hold These Truths…

More Than His Name on the Line RQ

Son of Liberty

A Christmas to Remember RQ

Ordinary Patriots, Extraordinary Sacrifices RQ

Protectors on the Hill

I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight! RQ

The Long Red Line

The American Rifleman in the Revolutionary War

An Unlikely Hero

General Washington’s Confidant

Three Fires, and You Are Free RQ

The Man Who Would Not Be King RQ


4-1 1775-1784 Causes

4-2 1775-1784 Battles

4-3 1775-1784 Homefront

4-4 1775-1784 Outcome