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Chapter 2: 1605-1734
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Chapter 2 Study Guide

Map 2-1 Settling the 13 Colonies

Map 2-1 Answer Sheet

Map 2-1 Instructions


Easy Riches Seduce Investors RQ

Sailing Out of the Past RQ

Jamestown RQ

Unsteady Foothold in the New World RQ  

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Saints and Sinners RQ

Faith in the Face of Skepticism

Sailing the Winds of Destiny RQ

Dutch Colonials RQ

How the Dutch Founded New York RQ

Piracy’s Golden Age RQ

A Mission From God RQ


2-1 1605-1619 Colonization History

2-2 1605-1619 Innovative History

2-3 1605-1619 Cultural History

2-4 1620-1659 Colonization History

2-5 1620-1659 Innovative History

2-6 1620-1659 Cultural History

2-7 1660-1734 Colonization History

2-8 1660-1734 Innovative History

2-9 1660-1734 Cultural History