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World War II
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Chapter 14 Study Guide

Map 14-1 World War II

Map 14-1 Answer Sheet

Map 14-1 Instructions


14-1 WWII Causes

14-2 WWII Battles

14-3 WWII Homefront

14-4 WWII Outcome


Dauntless High Flyer

FDR vs. Lindbergh  RQ

Secret History  RQ

Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction  

Heroes of Pearl Harbor

Motives Behind the Betrayal  RQ

The Great Deceivers

Scapegoating Kimmel and Short

FDR’s Patriot Purge

Players, Plans, and Betrayals

Valkyrie: The Real von Stauffenberg

Treachary at Yalta  RQ

Why We Fought  RQ

World War II: Our Tragic Legacy  RQ

A Necessary History Lesson

Reopening the Oppenheimer File

Dropping the Bomb

Should Have America Dropped the Bomb

The Great Misconceptions of World War Two