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Chapter 13 Study Guide



The Red Scare

Libel-Warren Harding Was Our Worst President

Calvin Coolidge-The Wise Old Bird in the White House

The Coolidge Presidency RQ

Grand Bigous of America

Lone Legacy  RQ

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Mystery

Lessons of the Weimar Republic  RQ

The Great Depression  RQ

The Great Depression-Why it Started, Continued, and Ended

Parallels With the Great Depression  RQ

From “Henny Penny” Morgenthau to Henry Paulson  RQ

The Great Gold Heist  RQ

The FDR Legacy: Lest We Forget  RQ

From Republic to Reich  RQ

Dictators Dictating Elections

Ideological Bedfellows

Fascism and National Socialism

13-1 1920-1929 Political History

13-2 1920-1929 Innovative History

13-3 1920-1929 Cultural History

13-4 1930-1939 Political History

13-5 1930-1939 Innovative History

13-6 1930-1939 Cultural History