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Chapter 6: The High Middle Ages
Key Topics
-The revival of the Holy Roman Empire by a new German dynasty, the Saxons
-The emergence of a great reform movement in the church and the church’s successful challenge to the political domination by kings and emperors
-The development of strong national monarchies in England and France
-The fragmentation of Germany in the wake of a centuries-long struggle between the emperors of the Hohenstaufen dynasty and the papacy.

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The Monastic Revolution RQ

Norman Churches

The Assassins RQ

The First Butcher of Baghdad

Vengeance at the Vatican-The Cadaver Synod

Why the Apocolypse was Good News for Medieval Europe

For God, Spain, & El Cid RQ

Crusading for God and Gold RQ

The Knights Templar

Lionheart: King of War

The Lost Crusade RQ

Languedoc, France

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex RQ

1013-The Year the Vikings Conquered England RQ

The English Colony in Deepest France RQ

King John and the French Invasion RQ

The Battle That Saved the West

What did the Magna Carta Mean to the English in 1215

The Amazing Legacy of Magna Carta RQ

An Attack of Dysentary Proves the Death of King John

Was King John Really that Bad?

The Real Braveheart RQ

Battle of Bannockburn RQ


Chapter 6 Section 1: Otto I and the Revival of Empire

Chapter 6 Section 2: The Reviving Catholic Church

Chapter 6 Section 3: England: Hastings 1066 to Bouvines 1214

Chapter 6 Section 4: France in the Thirteenth Century-The Reign of Louis IX

Chapter 6 Section 5: The Hohenstaufen Empire 1152-1272

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