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Chapter 5: Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Key Topics
-The collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the resulting fusion of Roman and Germanic culture
-The Byzantine empire and its impact on the West
-The role of the church in Western society during the early Middle Ages
-The political and economic features of Europe under the Franks
-The characteristics of feudal society

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Chapter 5 Map I: New Germanic Kingdoms

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Chapter 5 Map II: Carolingian Empire

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Chapter 5 Map III: Invasions of Europe


The Dark Side of the Anglo-Saxons

Constantinople-The New Rome

Lessons From Byzantium RQ

Religion By the Sword RQ

Franks Crush Arabs at Tours RQ

How Vikings Ruled the Waves RQ

A Land Without Kings RQ

Climactic Golden Age RQ

Hell’s Angels of the Dark Ages

How England Rode the Viking Storm

The Oseberg Ship-A Wooden Tomb for a Viking Queen


Chapter 5 Section 1: On the Eve of the Frankish Ascendancy

Chapter 5 Section 2: The Byzantine Empire

Chapter 5 Section 3: Western Society and the Developing Christian Church

Chapter 5 Section 4: The Kingdom of the Franks

Chapter 5 Section 5: Feudal Society


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