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Chapter 4: The Roman Empire
Key Topics
-The Augustinian constitution
-The organization and government of the Roman Empire
-Culture and civilization from the late republic through the imperial period
-The early history of Christianity
-The decline and fall of Rome in the West


Chapter 4 Study Guide PDF

Chapter 4 Map I Instructions

Chapter 4 Map I Answer Sheet

Chapter 4 Map I: Roman Empire-Trade and Expansion

Chapter 4 Map II Instructions

Chapter 4 Map II Answer Sheet

Chapter 4 Map II: Invasions into the Roman Empire


Secrets of the Iron Age Aristocrats Revealed

Who Were the Celts

Weapons and Wine-Armed for the Afterlife

The Battle that Saved the West RQ

Caligula’s Bloody End

Praetorians-Swords of the Emperor

We Will Fight Well Because We Are Free

Consumed by Fire

Hadrian’s Wall Had an Older, Bigger, Northern Brother

At Home with the Romans RQ

Roman Britain in 130 A.D.

Extravegance in Roman Britain

Shopping with the Romans RQ

Roman Nights-Fire, Crime, and Sin in the City

Mithraic Mysteries and the Cult of Empire RQ

Reconstructing the Gladiator RQ

Rome’s Dark Night of Tyranny RQ

Elagabalus-The Wild One

Rome’s Emperor of Excess Meets a Bloody End

How Immigration Destroyed Rome

Overwhelmed by Immigrants

The Sack of Rome

The Fall of Rome RQ

Lessons of Rome RQ  

The Lessons of Ancient Rome

The Battle of Chalons RQ


Chapter 4 Section 1: The Augustan Principate

Chapter 4 Section 2: Civilization of the Ciceronian and Augustan Ages

Chapter 4 Section 3: Imperial Rome, 14 to 180 A.D.

Chapter 4 Section 4: The Rise of Christianity

Chapter 4 Section 5: The Crises of the 3rd Century

Chapter 4 Section 6: The Late Empire

Chapter 4 Section 7: Arts and Letters in the Late Empire

Chapter 4 Section 8: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in the West

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