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Key Topics
-The Peloponnesian War and the struggle between Athens and  Sparta
-Democracy and empire in fifth-century B.C. Athens
-Culture and society in Classical Greece
-The Struggle for dominance in Greece after the Peloponnesian War
-The Hellenistic World

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Chapter 2 Map 1 Alexander’s Campaigns


Lessons of the Peloponnesian War RQ  

A History of Greek Theatre in Two Acts RQ

The Trial of Socrates RQ

The Great Thinker RQ

A Dissident's Life-Diogenes of Sinope  RQ

Curing Ancient Greece  RQ

The Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Father Revised

Alexander in India  RQ

Library of Alexandria  RQ


Chapter 2 Section 1: Aftermath of Victory

Chapter 2 Section 2: The First Peloponnesian War: Athens against Sparta

Chapter 2 Section 3: Classical Greece

Chapter 2 Section 4: The Great Peloponnesian War

Chapter 2 Section 5: Competition for Leadership in the 4th century B.C.

Chapter 2 Section 6: The Culture of Classical Greece

Chapter 2 Section 7: The Hellenistic World

Chapter 2 Section 8: Hellenistic Culture


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Chapter 2 Sections 1, 2, & 3

Chapter 2 Sections 4 & 5

Chapter 2 Section 6A

Chapter 2 Section 6B

Chapter 2 Section 7

Chapter 2 Section 8