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Chapter 5: 1785-1789

Chapter 5 Study Guide

A More Perfection Union VG


Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom 1786

America’s Inflation and Hyperinflation  RQ

Father of the Constitution  RQ

Sherman’s Great Compromise  RQ

The Federalists Perspective RQ  

Constitution 1787 RQ RG

The Federalist Papers 1787

Federalist No. 10 1787  RQ RG

Anti-Federalist Papers

Anti-federalist No. 1, 9, 46, & 84 1787

The Federalist Perspective

Our Constitutional Anchor RQ  

Firewalls for Freedom RQ

Our Inelastic Constitution RQ  


5-1 Turmoil in the States

5-2 The Constitutional Convention

5-3 Ratification

5-4 The Constitution Article I

5-4 The Constitution Article II

5-4 The Constitution Article III

5-4 The Constitution Articles IV-VII

5-5 A Republic

5-6 A Federal System of Government

5-7 A Limited Government