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Chapter 4: 1775-1784

Chapter 4 Study Guide


Give Me Liberty

Citizen Soldiers: The Militia

Glorious Triumph RQ

Common Sense  RQ RG

Father of the Bill of Rights  RQ

Virginia Declaration of Rights 1776

Their Sacred Honor  RQ

They Dared Call it Conspiracy

We Hold These Truths…

Bedrock of the Constitution RQ  

Declaration of Independence 1776 RQ RG

Virginia Constitution 1776

American Crisis, No. 1 1776

Articles of Confederation 1777

Massachusetts Constitution 1779

Treaty of Paris 1783


4-1 War for Independence

4-2 Common Sense

4-3 Virginia Declaration of Rights

4-4 Declaring Independence

4-5 Declaration of Independence

4-6 The State Constitutions

4-7 The Articles of Confederation