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Great figures in history teach us about the importance of character, duty, hope, trust, sacrifice, wisdom, and many other characteristics that we can study in order for us to become a people of integrity.  Cicero, Martin Luther, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson are excellent examples of greatness and by studying their lives we can acquire greatness within ourselves.

Why Study History?

One of the most common questions that every teacher faces from their students is “Why is this class important?” and “how does it benefit my life?”  Every class at Morgan High positively adds to the forming of intelligent students that will productively contribute to a free society.  So why take the time to study dead people from long ago?  Because history teaches us about who we are, ties us to those of the past, instructs us about the importance of maintaining freedom, and is a road map for our nation’s future.

Currently the United States is the greatest country in the world.  Would it not profit us to study great nations of the past?  The Roman Empire lasted for over 1,000 years and in 476 B.C. it fell.  By looking at the history of the fall of Rome, we can apply these lessons to our own nation’s current condition in order to make the necessary changes to preserve America and our freedoms.

May we remember our forefathers, and learn from the characters of the past so that we may maintain our freedom and preserve our sovereignty as a free nation.  Wo unto those who flippantly state that history is not important, for the chains of ignorance will bind them and they will have their future thrust upon them by others.

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